MOMENTS MANOR ORLEANS Retirement Home OttawaIt is not easy to imagine, let alone accept, the fact that our elderly loved ones will one day find it taxing and inconvenient to live in a household with busy adults. The reality of it is quite a bit unsettling. On the one hand, the elderly citizen would find it difficult to adjust to an environment where they will be left alone throughout the rest of the day. On the other hand, young adults caring for them would find it nearly impossible to attend to them with their usual time restrictions. This kind of common scenario often prompts households to register their gentle elderly loved ones under the custody of geriatric specialists.

Although several unpleasant accounts in the past have allowed families to completely forego the idea, retirement homes have come a long way in improving their standards of geriatric care. The Moments Manor Orleans in Ontario, Canada are one of the many excellent prototypes of modern retirement homes that serve the senior citizens of Canada. It would not hurt to consider this senior community as a new home for your beloved elderly folks.

MOMENTS MANOR ORLEANS Ottawa Retirement HomeCommunity

The Moments Manor Orleans is one of the many branded homes managed by the Symphony Senior Living and was decorated only around year 2014. It has over three (3) floors with a single elevator to navigate through the flat levels. This residential building has a capacity of ninety four (94) residents and the entire structure consists a total of ninety (90) units. The average age of its residents is around 81 years old. It is important to take note that this three-story community also admits clients registered under the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee.

Like many of the retirement homes managed by the Symphony Senior Living, the Moments Manor Orleans is a certified member of the Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA). It also has a membership in the Council on Aging in Ottawa and licensed under the Retirement Homes Act.

MOMENTS MANOR ORLEANS Retirement Residence OttawaAccommodations

The accommodations of the Moments Manor Orleans are one of its few interesting features. This home sports a European interior design in most of its units, although clients may also choose the customary modern layout. All suites, however, have the following utilities:

  • Linens
  • Light fixtures
  • Fire alarm
  • Smoke detector
  • Sprinkler
  • Thermostats for heating and cooling
  • Air conditioning
  • Wearable (pendant or bracelet) conduit for the emergency response system

This retirement home accepts pets, yet the client has to be solely responsible for its own well-being. The leniency in keeping animals must agree with the meticulous standard of hygiene. The management also makes it mandatory to subject pets in an annual veterinarian inoculation to ensure that the creature is free of harmful communicable (especially an airborne) pathogen. Residents may opt for access to cable TV provided that they make the necessary arrangements with a cable company. Only certified couples may share the same suite, and there are no roommates in any of its units.

MOMENTS MANOR ORLEANS Ottawa Retirement HomesServices

The housekeeping maintains two types of schedules. Every day the staff makes minimal touch-up and organization. A full general cleaning is arranged once every week. Laundry services are also included in the recurrent admission fee and each residents are always provided with clean linens and towels as well as fresh basic toiletries.

A round-the-clock security ensures that client residents and their belongings are unharmed and accounted. The security staff also make their rounds every night for the same purpose. One may enjoy its free transportation during scheduled group activities, but its use in terms of medical appointments entail an extra cost.

To keep the tenants informed, a newsletter is published regularly announcing important reminders and highlights to everyone inside the premises. Residents may also be get updates from the outside world through mails and correspondence sent and claimed at the main desk.


All meals are served in the communal dining room every day. But in case a retirement home resident is ill, tray service is available without charge not beyond twenty-one (21) days of confinement. The daily menu had two (2) types of breakfast, two (2) types of lunch and two (2) types of dinner. One may enjoy a low salt or vegetarian diet for those at risk of hypertension and other related diseases. The scullery staff is also equipped to prepare meals specializing diabetic diets. A private dining room is also available for use.


Moments Manor Orleans also has a number of amenities to support an idyllic lifestyle for their elderly clients. These are the following facilities/resources in the premises:

  • Four (4) lounges with a television and piano
  • Library
  • Chapel
  • Visiting hair dresser

This residence also has a spacious parking area for guests and residents. Speaking of guests, there are also suites exclusively provided for them should they opt for a more prolonged visit of their beloved senior citizens. After all, none of the rooms can be shared by individuals other than their spouses.


This community is keen on providing pastimes to keep them productive throughout the day. Day trips are scheduled and announced regularly in the newsletter. Since not everyone can have the time and luxury to have excursions daily, residents are organized by a roster. This retirement home also has a gym and a function hall for live entertainments. Indoor shopping and parties are also available.


One of the key advantages of Moments Manor Orleans is that it is well-known for their quality of care for clients with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other cognitive impairments. Their relatively lenient policy in terms of alcohol and tobacco consumption also makes them a unique senior community – they pretty much have a liberal approach to occasional revelry. However, one can simply find it difficult to ignore their keen adherence to legal standards. The Moments Manor Orleans require the power of an attorney or a legitimate family member to allow its client residents to leave the premises without their direct supervision.


Moments Manor Orleans is located at 1510 Joseph Boulevard, Ottawa (Orleans) Ontario, Canada.


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